Clift Hotel

clift hotel lobby

With the dark wood paneling of a former bank building, the Clift Hotel's Redwood Room is the perfect place to grab an after-work drink (or throw an all-out birthday bash). The video portraits on the walls with faces that slowly blink or turn from side to side are reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion. As part of Ian Schrager's famed hotel group and more recently a pinnacle of the Morgans Hotel Group, the Clift Hotel is a notable venue for its boutique rustic luxury. Some may say that the lobby is too dark, but we say all the better for those of us LA vampires.

Built in 1913 and immediately catapulted forward by the Morgans team, the Clift Hotel is on the cutting edge of lifestyle design. As one of the first epicenters for locals as well as tourists, the Clift Hotel has powered many a martini-fueled meeting or champagne birthday (like our own).

The Clift Hotel Lobby and Redwood Room

the clift hallway fourth floor our room at the clift

The Clift Hotel Room and Hallway

the clift lobby the clift redwood room

Asia de Cuba and the Redwood Room Bar

Asia de Cuba formerly at the Clift the bar at the Redwood Room



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