The Parker Palm Springs

the parker palm springs hotel view of the room

There’s nothing more decadent than a weekday spent poolside with a lemonade (spiked, of course). Our travels pushed past the beat of the city to the desert pulse of the Starwood Le Meridien Resort, the Parker Palm Springs. We were immediately knocked senseless by the absolute relaxation that sinks into your skin as you pass through the tall orange doors. This is not your highly-stylized Viceroy or your hair flying, cork-popping Ace – the Parker Palm Springs is a resort after your superego. The property is immaculately maintained, and designed so fluidly that almost any path eventually leads to your destination, whether it’s the pool, spa, lemonade stand, or life-size chess game. Whether your mood is raucous or temperate, it’s a beautiful thing to never feel lost.

The Parker Palm Springs Lobby:

the parker palm springs lobbythe parker palm springs lobby

The Parker Palm Springs Pools:

the parker palm springs pool

the parker palm springs poolthe parker palm springs second pool

The Room and Bath Amenities at the Parker Palm Springs:

the parker palm springs bath amenitiesthe parker palm springs room

PSYC at the Parker Palm Springs:

the parker palm springs bath amenities

the parker palm springs psyc manifestothe parker palm springs yacht club psyc patio




Let's Take This Outside

10/2/11: hotelcrush, we are la

As completion nears on the backyard of our Parker-inspired dreams we're down to picking our lounge chair (future HotelCrush headquarters) and we've gotten a chance to muse on our favorite outdoor spaces. The gorgeous landscaping of the Parker Palm Springs breathes quietly against a backdrop of desert, that invisibility its great accomplishment.

So lovely:

the parker palm springs pool

the parker palm springs gene autry pool

the parker palm springs landscaping

the parker palm springs grounds



We remember our first trip to Palm Springs in the summer with 110 degree temperatures and misters reviving us from uncontrolled stupor. "How does this work?" we thought. "It's taking a full college degree's worth of concentration to stay awake." It was only years later, after many lemonades and afternoons poolside, that we realized alertness is just one option here, along with deep sleep and a state in between so hypnotically relaxed that your body feels weightless.


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