W Hollywood

w hollywood lounge

The W Hollywood is a force of nature for the intersection of Hollywood and Argyle, moving people through its spacious lobby and collecting emerging commuters from the Metro station underneath. After a petulant, impatient four years of construction, we checked into opening weekend in January 2010...which was also Grammy weekend. Over breakfast pastries in bed, cocktails in the lounge, and shots of tequila from the Samsung ice bar, we made it a weekend to redefine Hollywood.

The standard greeting here is 'Welcome to Hollywood' (deep irony aside), and the spacious lobby is carpeted in the same red as the rest of this town. Like many modern buildings trading style for substance, the acoustics in the lobby lounge are angular and harsh, without respite for the echo of music and voices. We like the patio for its open-air fire, and the rooftop lounge for the perfect poolside lunch. Another standout is the 4th Floor Bliss Spa Hollywood, the only location to welcome you with a glass of bubbly in addition to their amazing brownies. If this is Hollywood, we can definitely get in the game.

Must try:

The Staircase and Lobby Bar

w hollywood lobby staircase w hollywood lobby lounge

The W Hollywood in Miniature and Our Room

miniature model of the w hollywood view of the bathroom in our room at the w hollywood

EMI Grammy Party Droid Projection and Samsung Ice Bar

EMI Grammy Party ice bar drai's hollywood rooftop pool

Drai's Rooftop Pool

EMI Grammy Party Droid projection



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