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bliss spa hollywood waiting room

We at HotelCrush are deeply opinionated, but we're also about objectivity – and fairness.  After last spring's fabulous Father/Daughter Spa Day, it was just a matter of time before we pulled together something equally fabulous for Mom.  Our proprietor of choice was Bliss Spa Hollywood, the only Bliss to serve champagne, and therefore the BEST Bliss.  Drai's rooftop lounge was closed for lunch, so we found a sunny table outside at Delphine and dug into bistro fare (a salad for her, a Croque for us). 


Sunbathing in December may seem like a monopoly of the Southern Hemisphere, but its invigorating effect is not limited to Bon Aire or Rio.  An afternoon soaking in the sun is just what the body needs, and it's easily had if you are in temperate Southern California.  So march outside, park your towel, and push your sunglasses over your eyes.  The sunshine vitamin will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to conquer your next assignment.


photo of bliss problem salved 20-in-1 wonder balm

There is nothing glamorous about a chapped, runny nose, save the minty tingle after applying this amazing balm.  Meant for everywhere except the lips, this nose chapstick (and prescription vitamin D supplements) invigorated our pale, vampiric physiology and snapped us out of a seasonal cold without the red-nosed, bloodshot, party-hangover-like aftermath.

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