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Oh...Kinara. We've raved and raved about our amazing facials here and yet we haven't said enough. Kinara Spa is our full-on, drop dead destination for the best skin care in Los Angeles. With results-oriented products and time-tested techniques, their Kinara Custom Facial has converted many a tomboy (like our mother) to the benefits of the spa.

While we're customarily on-guard for service and product upsells (less is more), we recommend consulting the aesthetician on the right facial for your skin type, whether it's the basic Custom Facial, Skin Quencher for dry skin, Deep Detox for oily/acne prone skin, or signature Red Carpet Facial for combination skin with both acne and anti-aging concerns. We're notoriously reticent to change our skincare routine and this spot is also generous with samples, so we recommend running through your allotment before springing for the purchase.

We love:

  • Kinara Custom Facial - The most popular on the menu and the one devoted clients (like us) schedule regularly, the Kinara Custom Facial is a results-driven, skin-specific diagnosis and solution. Incorporating a hypnotic mist of steam and their signature application of folding warm towels (forehead, left, right) we proceeded through extractions, a medical grade glycolic acid peel, and a soothing moisture mask. Brilliant in both delivery and results, this is one hour we'll always have time for.
  • The Kinara Deep Detox Facial - Designed for oily/congested skin, we immediately honed in on this upgrade from their basic facial. A rigorous medley of procedures from a tingling glycolic peel to an electric wave bacteria zapper and many, many extractions, and our skin was breathing again. Whew!
Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum

photo of kinara spa lactic acid hydrating serumIn a lingering stupor from the heated bed after our first facial at Kinara Spa, we had passing remorse about any immediate shopping. "But," we thought, "our skin feels amazing and these people must really know what they're doing." After bottles of this calming syrup teaming with antioxidents and clear, hydrated skin, we can report that Yes. They really do.


  • Kinara Spa
  • 656 North Robertson Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA 90069
  • (310) 657-9188
  • Open Mon 12pm-5pm, Tues-Thurs 9am-6pm, Fri-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm


Follow Kinara Spa on Twitter - They post periodic specials (free scrub with a massage, free manicure with hair services) and seasonal discounts around the holidays.


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