Ciel Spa

ciel spa at sls hotel waiting room

We love Ciel Spa with the torrid revelry of a summer soak on a remote beach. We love a day of pure floating – a relaxation massage, a drench in rooftop sunshine (and SPF100), and a dripping, thoroughly indulgent steam. And like a good plot, the ambience follows suit. Adorned in opulent lighting, beveled mirrors, and polished lacquer, white has never felt so refreshing.

Design: Simple, but not too simple. The stark, glowing white is pacified by textures – the gloss of the mirrors and softness of the faux fur blankets on the tufted couches and leather setees in the waiting room.


Atmosphere: The atmosphere is sparse and minimal, as restrained as SLS can manage (which given the ornamentation of the lobby borders on moderation). Everything is lush and comforting - a shower that flushes you with six jets of water, a steam room opaque with soothing vapor, a drawer in our locker with a razor and lens cleaning wipe.

Waiting Room Amenities: We love the treats, meticulous spears of pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, or strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. The chocolate is dark and salty or pale olive and green-tea flavored (our new fav). Melon juices or cucumber-mint water satiate thirst, books like SLS's own or "Trench Coats" (a history) bridge the time before or after treatment.

Locker Room Amenities: Every supply in your morning arsenal is here, save makeup. The room is sparkling white and made for dawdling, with plenty of mirror real estate and at least four kinds of hair styling products.

World Class Hospitality: We were welcomed three times- with a watermelon juice shot upon arrival, a dark berry (pomegranate) sugared gelatin square in our locker, and a glass of rosé following treatment.


The Fitness Center and Entrance to Ciel Spa:

photo of the entrance to the fitness center at sls hotel and ciel spa photo of the entrance to ciel spa at the sls hotel

The Hallway to the Locker Rooms and The Fully-Stocked Vanity:

photo of the hallway to the women's locker room at ciel spa sls photo of the vanity mirror and dressing area in the women's locker room at ciel spa sls

The Locker Area:

photo of the women's locker room at ciel spa at the sls hotel beverly hills


Current Special:

See Locals Smile! - Ciel Spa is currently offering the 60min Pure Relaxation massage for $99 Monday through Friday. The special includes complimentary valet parking and access to the hotel's fitness center and rooftop pool.


  • Ciel Spa at SLS Hotel
  • 465 S. La Cienega Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • (310) 246.5560
  • Open Mon-Sun 9am-9pm




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