Carasoin Spa

photo of carasoin day spa in west hollywood

Carasoin is a beautiful spot located on Robertson Blvd. next to Newsroom Cafe. Appointed in tapestry wallpaper with lacquer sidetables and comfortable beige couches, the waiting room has both the formality of a living room and the comfort of a lounge. We were warmly welcomed, and offered tea or water both before our treatment and after.

Located off the main corridor, our treatment room had a luxuriously high ceiling and a black box theater feel. Deliciously scented candles (pomegranate?) gave warmth to the space, and the treatment bed was appointed with a sheet and full duvet, with a piece of chocolate on the pillow.

Some spa treatments are as old as time (massage anyone?) and some are dubiously cutting edge. Leaning heavily on technology, Carasoin's signature Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial with Rejuvenate serum would have been considered plastic surgery fifteen years ago. Involving a machine that delivers a vitamin-rich antioxidant serum to skin through a stimulating, deeply penetrating blast of oxygen, the Oxygen Facial promises rejuvenation and hydration, and it delivers.

Our treatment began with a Eucalyptus cleanse and warm foot rub, then proceeded to a second cleanse and Pumpkin Enzyme scrub. Spiced like gingerbread and slightly tingly, the pumpkin scrub combined the efforts of jojoba beads to physically remove dead skin cells and fruit enzymes to chemically address them. We moved next through a series of gentle extractions (so gentle that we fell asleep) but we revived sufficiently for the hyperbaric oxygen spray. Lasting approximately fifteen minutes, the machine's nozzle mowed the surface of our face with a fine spray of oxygen and serum. We loved the cool smothering of oxygen, (though it did tickle our neck).

We were told at the end of treatment that the serum would absorb fully in the next day, and we're happy to report that our skin feels tighter and looks clearer.

Maybe there is something to science, after all.



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  • Carasoin Day Spa
  • 120 North Robertson Blvd
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • (310)-855-0105
  • Open Tues-Sat 10am-7pm




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