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We initially planned our visit to Arcona Studio in Santa Monica with our good friend P, who canceled due to her needed appearance in Beijing. P is an Arcona superfan and raves about their line of organic, nourishing skincare products (which we admit have lovely packaging), so we booked our deep cleanse for the morning after our DC flight. Since plane air has the same effect as the vacuum seal on a lb of ground supermarket coffee, we were looking forward to a bit of reviving.

Our 50-minute session included two exfoliations, LED therapy, and the best shoulder and neck massage we've ever received during a facial. Our first experience with LED light therapy (assuming our days orbiting art gallery and warehouse party LED installations are off-record), we were instructed on the benefits - LEDs kill bacteria, reduce redness, and even out skin tone. We were a bit nervous about going under a red light for ten minutes (after all, isn't that for noxious UVA tanning?) but we'll hold judgment pending further research. After treatment our skin was tingling (literally) with refreshment, and we promised to diligently use the suite of Arcona samples handed to us at the end.

Most Popular Treatments:

Organic Enzyme Peel (50min): This treatment builds on the basic Deep Cleanse with an enzyme mask customized for individual skin concerns. Designed to pry off the surface layer of dead skin cells, the mask is active and tingly, brightening skin without recovery time.

Deep Cleanse (50min): Sometimes referred to as the Arcona basic facial, the deep cleanse includes two exfoliations, limited extractions, hydration, and LED therapy.

Products Tested:


Arcona facials using the same products as the Santa Monica studio are available at spas throught LA, like the Argyle Spa on Sunset.

Arcona Studio offers periodic discounts for new clients on their Deep Cleanse and Organic Enzyme Peel treatments through GiltCity and PopSugarLA. Sign up for emails to be informed of their current offers.





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