Carasoin Day Spa

photo of carasoin day spa on robertson blvd

Carasoin is a beautiful spot located on Robertson Blvd. next to Newsroom Cafe. Appointed in tapestry wallpaper with lacquer sidetables and comfortable beige couches, the waiting room has both the formality of a living room and the comfort of a lounge. We were warmly welcomed, and offered tea or water both before our treatment and after.

Located off the main corridor, our treatment room had a luxuriously high ceiling and a black box theater feel. Deliciously scented candles (pomegranate?) gave warmth to the space... Read more..

Bliss Fabulous Lotion and Eye Cream

photo of bliss spa fabulous face lotion and eye creamA mere glance at these two sets us in anticipation of our morning routine. We can't quite place the scent, (is it sweet or fruity? both?), but we love love love storming out of the shower and slathering our face in these icing-like textures.


Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum

photo of kinara spa lactic acid hydrating serumIn a lingering stupor from the heated bed after our first facial at Kinara, we had passing remorse about any immediate shopping. "But," we thought, "our skin feels amazing and these people must really know what they're doing." After bottles of this calming syrup teaming with antioxidents and clear, hydrated skin, we can report that Yes. They really do.


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