The Ace Hotel Los Angeles

the ace hotel los angeles pool

The opening of the Ace Los Angeles at the end of a severe hotel drought was so anticipated that it was almost certain to fall short of expectations. Three years out and after many highs, lows, and a 2015 sale to an outside investor, we can report this: The Ace Los Angeles was the first major hotel to open in the historic core since The Standard Downtown. Being first is never easy. Adapting so urban a concept to an area with a density categorized as "suburban" by New York or London standards is a challenge; to do so with a building requiring extensive restoration and offering 180 rooms at $250/night is an expensive long game.

The restored building of the former United Artists Theatre is the star of the project. Grand Deco character is the center of the design aesthetic which carries to the hotel's public spaces. But for Ace enthusiasts, the main fixation is the controversial rooftop installation of what can only be described as the smallest hotel pool in the city. Surpassing the Custom Hotel (still the smallest hotel pool to host a party with DJs and a cover charge), the Ace pool is a one-foot square sunroof on a classic 1920s car. It's oversized for a jacuzzi and yet impossible for swimming. It's maybe a foot longer than the length of a swimmer with arms and toes outstretched. It would displace enough water to flood the modest deck if more than one person were to enter at the same time.

It's–well, it's a customary feature of so many great Art Deco hotels.

A fountain.

The Ace Los Angeles Exterior:

the ace los angeles sign the ace la tower at night

The Ace Los Angeles Coffee Bar and Restaurant

the ace los angeles coffee bar the ace la restaurant

And the view:

the ace los angeles rooftop view

the ace los angeles rooftop view


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