A Secret Getaway - For a night or just an afternoon

photo of the bel air hotel terrace

Scheduled to open on October 14, 2011, we're hot in anticipation of the newly renovated Hotel Bel-Air. Absolutely exquisite in tone and decor, this spot is sure to become a classic for a new set of demimondaines.

L''Artisan Parfumeur Amber

photo of the l'artisan parfumeur amber ballSmoky, sultry, and absolutely ethereal in complexity, we're smitten with L'Artisan Parfumeur's signature room scent.

Hot Chocolate (Marshmallows optional)

photo of hot chocolate

We remember ordering steaming cups of hot chocolate during our breaks from the box behind the front desk at the Standard Hotel, warming our hands before finishing our rigorous shift of napping and writing emails. We also love the hot chocolate in the lobby of the W San Francisco, a pure liquid chocolate and milk drizzle available year-round.

A Great Book

photo of the book devil in a white city by erik larson

We picked up this nonfiction account of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair on our D.C. trip last month and could hardly put it down. Interwoven portraits of the fair's architect and a mass murderer operating in the vicinity prove gripping, disturbing, and exhaustively thrilling.

All Weather Boots

photo of henri bendel rain boots in whiteWe love the ease of wearing pure white when it's as indestructable as a rubber rain boot. This style from Henri Bendel is perfect for your rainy trek downtown or, when it gets colder, an icy trip to Zabar's for lox and bagels.


Dark Purple Nailpolish

photo of cnd shellac nailpolish in rock royaltyFall is always an appropriate time to air out your inner Siouxsie, and nothing reflects as little light as this dark purple gel nailpolish by CND called Rock Royalty. We love the staying power of CND (slightly better than the competition) and the ever-so-subtle tinge of shimmer (probably only visible under a black light).

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