Nars Eye Shadow in Cordura

nars cordura dual eye shadowWe like our coffee black, our martinis strong, and our eye shadows deeply pigmented. Nars is a reliable staple for bold, blendable color, and Cordura is our favorite for a brown smoky eye. Brush a shimmery sheer eye shadow base over eyelids, then line the eyes with a brown eye pencil. Use a sponge tip aplicator to smudge the pencil up and away from the eye 1/4-1/2in and brush the lighter color (left side) over the smudged pencil, extending just beyond the edges. Finish with a line of black pencil on the outer half of each top eyelid, and trace over the line with the darker brown.

Philosophy Help Me Retinol Night Treatment

philosophy help me retinol night treatmentRetinol is a true multi-tasker, tackling cell turnover with the fervor of a lawn mower and finesse of a plastic surgeon. This product addresses both acne and aging concerns, clearing pores, minimizing lines, and boosting firmness. We're downright skeptical when it comes to "beauty breathroughs", but this is one miracle drug to which we're fearlessly addicted.


photo of the bliss fabulips treatment kitWe were thrilled to try the new Bliss 'Fabulips' treatment which comes in a kit with all four products. Though skeptical about such a specific thing as a "lip cleanser" and slightly nervous about the potency of a "lip plumper" we gave the quick regimen a try: 1) Cleanser that foams on the lips, leaving a moisturizing residue 2) Coconut sugar polish that exfoliates the lips 3) Tingly peppermint Lip Plumper that amps volume ever so slightly and 4) Moisturizing, buttery soft lip balm that you'll want to apply again and again. While not for everyone, we weren't disappointed and felt this was quite a treat.

Dior Iconic Mascara

dior iconic mascara Trends come and go, and there are few beauty products that make us panic more than the thought of this mascara being discontinued. Some formulas curl, some lengthen, others thicken, and Iconic manages all of these without clumps. The one beauty product we consistently gift to our dearest, we're optimistic that Dior will make this a keeper.

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